The European Crisis

Here we go again…from USA’s financial crisis to European Debt Crisis..We can call it one good turn deserves another or just simply world is round that whatever happens, happens else as well.

One Good turn deserves another:

When USA was in trouble, the Euro was laughing saying that despite having the so called “a  well established market” and having the qualified people, the crisis happened. Poor Europe, now they are facing the brunt of the ripping effect of Global financial crisis (GFC) and added to that its own debt crisis.

The Europe zone is really trying to save each other and especially its reputation since they colluded for Euro dollar.  Excluding 1 country would simply put a shame on the whole development EU monetary system. England, as always is putting itself aside (with its Pounds) but somewhere feeling the pinch of this. Hopefully all the Europe cooperates in this and save their currency.

So who’z in line?

The emerging developing countries seems quiet. One never knows as they say “still waters run deep”. They maybe secretively doing something. We’ll never know what they are up to. Maybe they would create another problem for the world. One has to know that their reach to the world is immense just as USA and the Europe has.

What about the LCD’s?

In the middle of all this there are the less developed countries. Hanging like a pendulum. When there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, black clouds cover the sun (oil prices and effects of globalization). Together with this they are ones facing the consequences of others. Global warming and its effect of change in weather patterns. And for the island nations the sea level rise. Not only this has affected them economically, their culture and lifestyle would soon be gone !!

So what can we do!

We have to remember, it is us the people creating all these problems !!!

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In Him to trust all the Time

If you are lost, have no idea what to do, just sit for while and pray.
You will get your answers.

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Hello world!

HI everyone, its me same as all, just a little bit afraid of what might happen to all.

Think of the many things that are happening: Climate change, war, natural disasters, SIN.

Does all this really has to happen or we can solve it some way.

I know that men are capable of doing many things so why we cannot come together as one to combat the leading problem : Climate change???

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